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Transportable Cottages

Experience the difference of a David Wraight Cottage for your new home, bach, holiday home or an extra accommodation option for your property. These transportable smaller homes (or larger homes when more than one is joined) will be constructed in our yard to our exceptionally high standard and with the period features and modern conveniences we have become known for.

Tiny houses or smaller homes are becoming more popular in New Zealand as more people decide to downsize and simplify their living spaces. With clever planning and design our prefabricated transportable homes can lead to a simple yet fulfilling lifestyle, freeing you from large mortgages and giving you the freedom to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

Our transportable homes are constructed in our yard in Kaituna, Marlborough. They are built on steel beams, which works for the transport company to pick the homes up ready to move them to your site.

Here's a few advantages of a smaller home

  • Lower cost of heating in winter and cooling in summer
  • Lower cost of the home – an affordable home which is brand new and built to today’s building standards.
  • A Code of Compliance from Marlborough District Council is issued for all homes before they leave our yard.
  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • Getting started in the property market or a good way to scale down to something easy care. Smaller but very appealing
  • A great way to pay off some mortgage and free up some money
  • Also great for baches, extra accommodation, guest accommodation – the list can go on.
  • A smaller home is eco friendly with a smaller carbon footprint
  • Extensive decks and verandas can be added to make these cottages really shine.


How it works

Transport from yard to building site

These homes are built in our yard and then transported to your site. David Wraight Transportable homes are completed inside and out (ie. plumbing, electrical fittings, floor coverings) and can be transported within New Zealand up to 106m2 in size in one move. Within Marlborough they can be built slightly bigger (subject to site and route accessibility). 

We arrange the transportation which includes the roading consents, foundations, piles and fixings and in-transit insurance. 

Once the cottage is transported to it's new site, the DWC team can complete the project right through to handover and Code of Compliance. This can all be done in one contract with us.

Our homes can go to most places in New Zealand and are always subject to a site and route assessment, engineers and council approval.

We can offer a full contract agreement, or we can sell the house EX yard.  If you read through our pricing guide and catalogue, you can see a list of what is required along with the prices.                              

All jobs are taken on a case by case basis, but we are available to guide you through the process if you wish to purchase EX yard.