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David Wraight and David Gee are proud tradesmen who along with our small team take time to bring a concept to reality.

The homes are easy to heat and cool and very thermally efficient. Our system of NZ pine weatherboard installed over cavity battens and rigid rap, along with our sturdier interiors makes for a cosy and durable space. 

The cottages are transported to your site anywhere in New Zealand, subject to site and route assessment (North Island – also subject to ferry confirmation). Throughout this journey we have evolved a great deal and learnt so much, which we now believe sets us up to provide a very solid and durable cottage of great quality. All contract's are put together on a case by case basis, as not every site is the same.

Our main focus from the start has always been about doing the bulk of the work ourselves and being completely in control, which we believe lets us provide a quality product.

Our homes are a bespoke cottage style, which throws back to early New Zealand housing styles, but a more contemporary style can also be achieved to a degree as well.

Points of difference & interest


  • Interior linings - these are all grooved wall linings or a mix of grooved linings with some traditional panelling on the walls. Wallpaper is an option also.
  • Ceiling linings – we use MDF and then add mouldings which creates the look of an old world panelled ceiling
  • Our bathrooms are lined with ply and also have the detail of grooved walls and panelled ceilings
  • Bespoke kitchens with panelled doors
  • We use a range of bigger skirtings, scotias, architraves and dado mouldings, along with custom built window seats
  • Very easily heated
  • Quality appliances, plumbing fittings, light fittings and floor coverings


  • Rusticated weatherboards, corner, window and door facings, window sills, scribers
  • Scrolls and exterior brackets
  • decorative vents or mouldings on gables
  • large timber baseboards, and a timber top base board which holds the decorative scrolls
  • Timber facia and soffits

To top all this off a major feature in our homes is the way we use a silicone sealant everywhere (interior and exterior) This is used simply to seal between every surface or moulding that is touching or joining each other. We believe that it provides a seal and also a solution to minimising paint cracking in the future for both the interior and exterior and also adds extra waterproofing.

For the interior we paint in semigloss which is durable and easy to clean. The exterior we paint in Hi Glo for the same reasons, and it also repels the sun more efficiently.