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Heritage Range - Transportable Extensions

At DWC we have brought an extend your transportable option to our range of transportable homes. This is a new concept to enlarge the homes for those looking for a larger family home. To show you how it could look we have had some concept drawings put together with 3 different options.

Option 1 – The Lean-to

This is the most cost effective of our extendable range. Both parts of the home are fully constructed in our yard, and then transported to your site where our team will complete the work to attach them.
These concept drawings show how spacious and beautiful your home could look.

Arist IMpression of DWC lean-to

Option 2 – The T Extension

With the T shape design we would transport the main structure to site and then build the “T’ on site for Marlborough builds if the extension is under 50 square metres. If larger we would transport both parts.
For outside Marlborough we work on a case by case basis, but have recently added a new 205 sq metre floor plan which works perfectly for an out of town option as well as within Marlborough. We can transport the smaller T shape homes but the larger the better for value for money per square metre.

T Extension


Option 3 - The H Extension

The H shape designed home is a fabulous opportunity to deliver character at its beautiful best. With this concept we would construct 2 main structures in our yard and build the connecting extension on site to link them together. In this range we work with the client to design a plan to suit their needs and price it accordingly. We don't have plans available as yet for this style, but they are easily designed for you.

For an H shape to be transported outside the Marlborough region we would have to consider the centre of the H to be narrower for transport reasons, as we would transport all 3 parts of the house and not construct on site.

H Extension


View our Extended home draft plans HERE

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