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Heritage Range - Transportable Extensions

We have introduced an extension transportable option to our range of floor plans. This is a new concept to enlarge the homes for those looking for a larger family home. To show you how it could look, we have had some concept drawings put together with 3 different options.

Option 1 –  The T Extension

With the T' (or L) shape design, we would transport the main structure, then build the T' section on site for Marlborough builds, if the extension is under 50m².

If you are wanting a larger T section, we would then  transport in two parts.

Outside of Marlborough, we work on a case by case basis, however, we have recently added a new 205m² floor plan which works perfectly for an out of town option' as well as within Marlborough. 


Option 2 - The H Extension

The H shape designed home is a fabulous opportunity to deliver character at its beautiful best. With this concept we would construct 2 main structures in our yard, then build the connecting extension on site to link them together.

In this range we work with the client to design a plan to suit their needs and price it accordingly, however we do have one floor plan available for inspiration.

For sites out side of Marlborough is a case by case basis for an H shape. 

H Extension