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  • A code of compliance from Marlborough District Council is issued for all of our homes, before they leave our yard
  • We welcome you to make a time with us to visit our yard and talk through all the process with David. Contact us to make a time
  • We use all quality fittings and finishes – please have a look at our “About our Homes” information CLICK HERE
  • All transportations are subject to a site and route assessment by our Transport company to ensure there is no obstacle’s in the way of the truck while en route and also once the home arrives at your site
  • All our prices are EX Yard – for full estimates it is essential that we receive your site address and information


We have a uniquely designed veranda and decking system which we pre build in our yard and transport to site to install. This system is for a veranda of up to 20 square metres maximum and includes our lovely decorative scrolls and oil for the decking.


Banks, in the past have been a bit more hesitant at lending on a transportable or relocatable home, as well as a kitset home. The main reason is that the home is not constructed on your site, so if the equity is not there, they don’t lend until the home is on your site.

At DWC we understand this and work with the banks through local mortgage broker Karen Essex-Mooney. Email:
She has successfully been able to get tailored finance for this type of build, it is important that you get the best options that suit your circumstances. This will help you to achieve your dream home.

Basically, we take a deposit and then we fund the build, and the transportation to your property. Once the house is on your property and sitting on piles we will then get our next payment. Once this payment has been received, we will then complete the work eg. connect to services, add verandas and decks and get the final Code of Compliance Certificate before the final payment is made to us and keys are handed over.

All our homes get a Code of Compliance certificate before leaving our yard, and another one for the foundations (piles) and drainage work once the on- site work is complete. The finance can be done similar to a construction loan, but in our case there is only 3 payments to completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit your yard while my home is being constructed?

A. Yes, you are more than welcome to visit our yard while we build your new home, but please make an appointment first.

Can you transport to the North Island?

A. We work on a case-by-case basis when delivering our prefabricated houses to the North Island. Give us a call to see if we can help build your new home.

Can we arrange a full contract?

A. Yes, we work with all of our clients and can put together a contract that includes the transportation of our prefabricated homes and site service connections. Conditions apply.

Do you arrange everything eg Council consents, engineers etc.

A. Yes, we can arrange all of this for you when building your new home. We can also give a fixed quotation to cover all of these costs, or in some cases if you are out of town, we will help and guide you through this.

Is there any part of the job that you don’t do?

A. We stay away from subdividing and also Resource Consents, there maybe a few other things outside the norm also.

Can we select our own colour scheme?

A. Yes, you can select your own colour scheme for all of our prefabricated houses. We focus on creating bespoke and characteristic homes for you.  With other changes such as alterations to floor plans and fittings we work on a case-by-case basis. You are more than welcome to give us a call to see if we can provide you with your new home.

Can we select and supply some of our own fittings eg Light fittings, appliances, vanities?

A. Case-by-case basis. Very limited opportunity for this.

Can we do any work on our house during construction eg. Painting, plumbing, electrical?

A. We generally won't do this as in most cases we are funding the bulk of the build (with exception of deposit and 1 progress payment) which means we stay with all of our own systems and subcontractors. We can make exceptions if you are getting the consent in your name and are employing us on a time and materials contract, and it has no effect on any work that we need to get signed off by the Council.

REMEMBER – You can purchase EX yard and do all the work yourself; we will help advise and guide you through the process.