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About Us

The company consists of David, wife Kirsty and David Gee - builder. David Wraight Cottages is a small team that work on the building sites together. Designing and building homes for over 15 years, David Wraight Cottages began building smaller cottages and as systems progressed, moved on to villas and larger character homes and homesteads. Through all of the building changes and OSH requirements, along with earthquakes and engineering processes, it has now drawn us back full circle to building smaller transportable/relocatable cottages in a yard.

David Wraight Cottages is not a big company so it doesn't have unlimited plans and prices. David will sit down with the customer to talk about their needs and will design and price their home. Because David Wraight Cottages designs, prices and builds homes, it can keep our customers informed with what is going on to ensure customers stay within their budget.

We do panelled ceilings and a mix of panelled and grooved walls to give the authentic look of yesterday. This makes the homes warmer and more solid. We believe that our cottages represent the charm and elegance of old New Zealand and this will always hold good resale value. Our clients have told us that it is easy to on-sell one of our homes, a fact we are proud of.