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Transportable Extensions

We are bringing an extend your transportable option to our range of transportable cottages. This is a new concept to enlarge the homes for those looking for something bigger. To show you how it could look we have had some concept drawings drawn up with 2 different options.

T Extension
Option 1 – is a ‘T’ shape design house we where transport the main house to site and build the extension on site.

T Extension

H Extension
Option 2 – is a ‘H’ shape designed home. We transport 2 main structures to site and build a connecting extension on site to link them together.

H Extension

With the new concepts visuals, we have added a bay window and a double gable on the end of the house as a way of adding a bit more character to the cottages.

Important points to note :

  • The extension part needs to be a living area and not kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • In the Marlborough region the extension work is done on site.
  • Outside of Blenheim the extension can be supplied to you as a kit-set, but you would require a builder of your choice to complete the work.
  • In Christchurch we have a builder interested in doing this work for us.
  • As this is a new direction for us the plans will be designed and priced to suit the clients needs.