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David Wraight Cottages & Transportables

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Transport from yard to building site

These cottages are built in our yard and then transported to your site. David Wraight Transportable Cottages are completed inside and out (ie. plumbing, electrical fittings, floor coverings) and can be transported within New Zealand up to 110 sq. metres in size. Within Marlborough they can be built slightly bigger (subject to site accessibility). 

Coffey House Removals are available to transport all our homes from our yard. They will take care of the permits required for this as well as piling your cottage. They will also submit your drainage plan with the pile plan to the relevant Council, along with the engineer’s design with the pile details for you.

Coffey House Removals will also do a site and route assessment to make sure there will be no issues in getting your new home to the required site.

 Things you need to connect up:

  • Water mains
  • Electrical mains
  • Drains/sewer system

If you are in the Marlborough region we will recommend our sub contractors to you for this.

Pricing & Details

The building cost of these homes starts from $2000 - $2200 per sq. metre EX YARD for the plans shown here on our website. The two bedroom cottage can easily be converted to a three bedroom cottage. We have also designed a veranda sytem which can be installed by your building contractor on site to complete the look of your David Wraight Cottage.